SuperCup car with spares package for sale

SuperCup car with spares package for sale

The car has all the current SuperCup spec parts fitted. It has a good racing history with race wins and has been 100% reliable.

The car was built from a undamaged, low mileage (17,000 miles), Mk 3.5 car, only the best quality parts were used during its build. 


Spares package includes

Mk 3.5 engine

Mk 3.5 gearbox

Mk 3.5 diff

Mk 3.5 strengthened engine loom

Mk 3.5 coil packs (4)

8 Wheels

Various springs, both front and rear.



Mk 3.5 parts are much stronger than Mk 3 parts.


Cost £13,500.00


For more details please call Andy on 07974 653896 or email

Last Race

Silverstone (International) 5th - 6th Oct 2019